Sunday, 07 March 2021
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Decorative Tint

Sunglow has a large selection of decorative and privacy tint that can be used in both residential and commercial applications. These films are available in multitudes of different patterns and shades and are easily removed and replaced to update your appearance at a later time. The films can range from a blurred view to complete privacy.

Residential usages are commonly front doors sidelights and bathrooms. However, they can have many other architectural benefits to homes. Commercially these films can be used to give a modern flare to offices and boardrooms and can provide privacy for offices where view control is needed. Also, add some marketing to your film Signs Today can turn your decorative film into a statement with your logo or business name, check out the gallery to see examples.

Office Buildings

Fixed inter-office privacy windows.
Movable inter-office privacy panels.
Conference room glass walls.
Conference room screens.
Entrance & waiting room panels.
Office entrance door and side light glazing.
Transom Glass
Door security/privacy glazing.
Outside vision/privacy control windows.
Skywalk window glazing.
Skylights & sloped glazing.
Bathrooms, kitchens, and office windows.
Main entrance doors & windows.


Internal security entrance of jewelry & antique stores.
Decorative jewelry counter & display boxes.
Privacy partitions, panels & windows.
Dressing / fitting room.
Main entrances doors of jewelry & antique stores.
Flower shops, skylights & sloped glazing.


Entrance sidelights.
Decorative Privacy glazing.
Dining room, Coffee table & Counter tops.
Splash backs, Wall units, cabinet windows.
Closet door glass.
Lighting control & diffusers.
Bedroom, Bathroom, Powder room windows & Shower doors.
Kitchen & Laundry windows
Office, Library & dinning room partitions & windows.
French Doors

Office Equipment and Furniture 

Filing cabinet room windows.
Desk and counter top glass.
Privacy light partitions.
Office lighting diffusers.
Office cabinet glass doors and shelves.


Decorative Tint Gallery