Sunday, 07 March 2021
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Automotive Tint

Where Quality comes first!!!

Remember when a true craftsman knew the materials they worked with inside and out. Here at Sunglow that still holds true today because we hand cut all our film to fit any glass. Don’t be fooled by today’s lower standard of computer cut films let us educate you to be a smart consumer. Come meet our true craftsman that have been working with these materials for over 30 years and know the perfect application for each one. To correctly apply a great automotive tint with no bubbles or peeling is an art. Get a consultation and you will realize why Sunglow has been known to set the standard in Auto Tinting. You will not be over or under sold tell us what your needs are and we will fit them to one of our high quality automotive tint lines.

We can usually get you in with short notice. You’re welcome to drop off or wait in our showroom and have a cup of coffee with our friendly staff.

Sunglow has a full line of auto tinting films to choose from:


Don't be a victim of bad tinting!
Get it done right the first time at Sunglow!!